Rosario Puñales creates for Dogi the new outfits Spring/Summer 2016

This year Interfiliere celebrated its 30th anniversary and we celebrated with them designing garments for the new collection of fabrics for Dogi International Fabrics. Our collaboration with the fabric manufacturer has been a very motivating experience because we worked from the newest color trends and innovative textures for lingerie. Dogi has over 60 years experience in the industry and supplier of fabrics for major brands worldwide lingerie.

These trends are presented Dogi Spring/Summer 2016 to which Puñales Rosario gave way delicates and sticking to his style:

Sugar Laces
The air is filled with sweet sensations. We are invaded by a subtle scent of caramels in sugary pastel tones. Chantilly and techno look blond lace creates a romantic yet feline image. Textured knits, crochets and soft jerseys. Pure wellbeing.

Rosario Puñales Dogi Sugar

Indigo Couture 
A journey through blue. Washed denim blue and its, that of the diluted ink from Japan. A blend of eternal jeans with couture and romantic elements.
Rosario Puñales Dogi Indigo

Fresh Garden
The fragility of nature and botany flower recreates an atmosphere that vindicates green, the freshness of the blend with yellow shades, the grass and sun tinged with delicate violetts.

Rosario Puñales Dogi Fres

Sueños de la elegancia
Haute Couture, Paris. A symbol of class and elegance that shows off the body’s beauty as a trend. Mineral shades of sand, terracotta, browns, Skin Colors. Contrast between shiny and matt, silk effect with papery. Lust and sensuality close to minimalist perfection.

Rosario Puñales Dogi Elegance

Frutas Tropicales

Mango, Banana, Papaya ..

Tropical fruits offer the intensity of their colours to create a tasty, optimistic world with the happiness of the tropics. A happy, positive summer!

Rosario Puñales Dogi Tropical


About Rosario Puñales

Rosario Puñales belongs to a family who has been in the business of fashion, textile printing and embroidery for more than sixty years. She has always felt the call for the textile industry and has devoted herself to it. For this reason, she decided to create her own trademark for lingerie, which is very personal, and full of subtlety and sensuality.

Rosario Puñales Lingerie

She studied fashion and pattern making at the Institut Català de la Moda in Barcelona. Later, she specialized in drawing and painting for textile design at the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, and in textile printing at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. In Japan, she learnt the traditional techniques of textile printing, which she applied in her first collection, “Prints for Miwako”.

Throughout her career, she has created several designs for silk-screening, as well as the design and tailoring for collections for man and woman. She now works exclusively for the design and marketing of her own trademark “Rosario Puñales Lingerie”, created in 2005.

Rosario Puñales distributes her creations in conceptuals shops in Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates, China and Russia.


Rosario Puñales rethinks traditional lingerie

Rosario Puñales designs vintage-inspired lingerie. She creates her culottes, bodices, tops, slips and gowns with lace created in the 20s and 30s, giving her garments an innocent and, at the same time, provocative flavor.

The colors of the lace are contrasted and harmonized. Modern patterns are combined with suggestive and elaborated fabrics such as chantilly, embroidery or guipure, and are enriched with delicate frills that give the pieces a special touch.

The outfits are limited series and numerated by hand.

He teaches Trends and Style in the University of Barcelona Design Centre BAU.


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