Rosario Puñales and the provocation of colorful Spring-Summer

Rosario Puñales viajó traveled to Paris with new colors inspired by the daring mix of bright colors for Autumn-Winter 16/17 , with the same excitement that led him to use the range of intense colors for this Spring-Summer.

The bolero sleeves garments cover the body creating drawings
after transparencies with the skin.

The poetic environment which was received in Paris by Le Bordel of Poesie began a subtle and erotic way in which the audience enjoyed the designs in a magical and poetic setting with piano notes background.


Rosario Puñales defines this new collection as floral, bright quality and time. The clothes give way to a new collection more usable as an outer garment with lace skirts worked with modeling that give low long flight as godets.


Lace Tops neck “V” superimposed skirts
and trimmings dyed by hand


The new kimonos are made with satin and knotted at the waist, combined
with lace fringed silk shawls handmade.


The knickers are combined with embroidered tulle tops and skirts, tulle combinations are used to
give volume to the skirts.